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Graco Sweet Peace for mommy please!

As I posted yesterday, at the SV Moms meet up yesterday I had the opportunity to check out Graco’s newest addition to their line of baby products the Sweet Peace, an infant soothing center.  The Graco reps, Lindsey et all, were on hand to show us all the new features and I have to say I AM impressed. 

My kids are older 4 and 7 and do I wish I had something cool like this to put the little bambino in – heck yeah!  Designed around the premise of keepin your newborn as warm and cozy as possible just like they were in the womb.  This soother encourages a more calm, rested and less stressed baby.  Hey, gotta love it, seems to me that equals a more calm, rested and less stressed mommy! 

First some of the features, super plush fabric, that is not only soft and luxurious, it  also holds your scent in well.  Thus your child smells you and feels safe.  I remember being low budget and throwing in my t-shirt into the crib when I left for work or my pillow case was something I always left with my babysitter to comfort my little ones.

It also rocks – not like the swings (with all that dreaded creakin’) for the older kids but simulates you and the "football hold" and bouncing back and forth.  I love this!  The Graco site was great videos to show you how it works.

It has a million other features that you can check out here, but the one I found especially exciting was the ipod attachment with speakers.  You can plug in your mp3 player and you and the baby can rock out on your favorite lullaby, classical music or even Alicia Keyes.  When is it too early to introduce your child the finer points of Reggae Music???  Hmmm…

One thing on the downside is the sheer size of the contraption.  Like most of the baby accoutrements these days, it is quick to take apart, but it does take up some vital real estate at home.  Here is a picture of Bongga Mom, Techmama and me checking out the removable car seat.  When we had our first child,  hubby and I had a 2 bed room apartment and we astounded by the amount of stuff our 9 lb. addition came with.   The car seat, stroller, crib, changing table, vibrating chair, giant giraffe blah, blah blah.    So this adds to the list, but I do think it is a must have for the first year.   My husband disagrees, but then again, I did most of the baby holding and all of the feeding – so there!

I think it is well worth checking out. As someone who is done having babies, it almost makes me want to have another – ALMOST.  The gear is so much cooler than just 4 years ago.   It ‘s on my list to give to my sister, who is about to have her third boy.  Her arms could use a little rest and her family could use a little "Sweet Peace" anytime of the day.

Now if Graco could only make this mommy sized… I could use more "Sweet Peace" in my day, though instead of a bottle holder, I may need a wine bottle chiller.