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Are you lookin at me or my ear piece?

I admit some days I am more put together than other days. Heck, I am a working mom – some days I am in sweats all day and some days I actually put on lipstick and wear a dress. Geez, this mama knows how to get cleaned up.

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a launch party for the Jawbone, an Uber cool blue tooth earpiece, in San Francisco with Beth, aka Tech Mama and Glennia.  (More on the actual product later.) As a parting gift, we each got to take one of those cool things home.  My husband even thought it was cool and tried to convince me to give it to him – uh NO! 🙂  I have been on a mission to find one of these for months, so the Jawbone came at the perfect time.

Regardless, the other day was one of those days I actually took a shower, was dressed for a client meeting and well, looked good!  (Albeit a rare occasion.)  As part of my normal routine, I stood in line with the masses at Starbucks for my regular hazelnut latte.  I sat down reading my blackberry, sipping my coffee, Jawbone in my ear.  I am usually in my own world reading, working or well, trying to wake up.  This morning I was somewhere in between – reading and people watching.  I caught a gentleman looking my way.  Hmmm, kind cute I guess – weird tie though. Oh well, I’m married and if I WAS looking for a secret lover it would be Brad Pitt.  Back to my Crackberry.  I answer a call that comes in from a client.  I look over at the weird tie guy while I am talking and he is looking over at me again.  Hey, this is getting weird.  I end my call and gather my things.  As I walk out the door, he stops me and says, "Hey been looking for a new ear piece, I like yours.  What kind is it? Does it work in a noisy place like Starbucks?" 

I told him all about my new toy – but am secretly thinking he wanted my phone number:)  Yeah right! Well geez, what am I chopped liver?   Even a happily married girl can have her morning fantasy right?  Who woulda thought that my new ear piece was a conversation starter.  Who needs match.com?  Single ladies – go get ’em while their hot!