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Vote YES on Santa Clara County Measure A

Yes_on_a This past week I have been feeling ill – nauseous, tired, run down.  As moms you know, I sound pregnant don't I?   I am not, but I sure was worried.  My family is covered under COBRA health insurance, which means we have 18 months from the time my husband's start up shut down to either find insurance or get a new job.  Yes, we write a LARGE check each month for health care.  Yes,  I was beginning to imagine the scenario of what would happen of when we reached the end of COBRA benefits and I was 6 months pregnant.  (I took a test and I am not pregnant – whew!) Regardless, we are fine.  There are many others who are in dire situations without benefits and no other options.

We have all heard the talks about providing good health care for everyone in our country.   Until that happens, people in Santa Clara County without health care have few places to get aid – Valley Medical Center is one of those places.  More over, if you got into an accident on the freeway and needed a trauma center or burn unit, you would most likely get sent to Valley Medical Center, which is the regions busiest trauma center. You might not think you need VMC today, but what if you did and it simply wasn't there.

VMC maintains one of only two Burn Trauma Centers in California north of Los Angeles. The other is in Davis. If you are badly burned in the Bay Area, you will come to Valley Medical Center.  VMC maintains the highest level trauma center in the immediate area. If you are in need of trauma services, the chances are good that you will come to Valley Medical Center.

Measure A gives Santa Clara County the resources it needs to be able keep VMC's doors open.  Essentially it is in dire need of seismic renovation, without the funds that Measure A would provide Valley Med would lose 272 hospital beds and would have to close down to all traumas and burn victims.  VMC provides a safety net for us all – whether it is for families with no health care or for anyone who is in need of emergency care. 

It is the only Measure in Santa Clara county that is going unopposed – Democrats, Republicans, ALL local Chambers of Commerce, Labor Union, doctors, nurses, fire fighters and police agree that this is THE most important measure on the ballot. The San Jose Mercury News reported that "Adminstrators at competing hospitals agree that VMC provides the glue that holds the county's medical system together. No hospital will be able to pick up the slack if VMC loses nearly half of its beds and its burn and trauma centers in 2013 when California's new safety standards go into effect." 

Simply put, it could mean life or death for many people – you included.  Please vote YES on Measure A.

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