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Disney World of Color Road Show hits San Francisco

Anything done by the imagineers at Disney never ceases to amaze me.  Last week I had the honor of attending a parent blogger meet-up that brought a bit of Disney California Adventure's newest attraction "World of Color" show to the San Francisco Palace Legion of Honor. The World of Color Road Show is hitting 4 cities and San Francisco was its first stop. Each city will have its own theme and since most people "Leave their Hearts in SF" the theme was of course, love. The other cities, will have their own themes – nature, water and sky.

We had the opportunity to meet John Addis, the Senior Show Director (aka the Big Dog Mouse in Charge).  He shared some of the complexities involved in taking this on the road and his favorites things to look out for. John and his team was charged with creating something that "folks have never seen before" and he definitely succeeded!  Imagine lights, sounds and beautiful images projected on the building completely transforming it within seconds over and over again. Breathtaking. 

You can get in on the fun by checking it out online and following John and the Disney crew on the road as they take it to Sacramento (July 15-18), San Diego (July 22-25) and LA (July 29-30).  Note: It is note really set up for you to check out in person, so you should watch online.  BUT if you happen to be in town on those dates, bringing your own lawn chair might not be a bad idea.  It was amazing up close and personal. Better yet, the kids at home can vote on the colors they will see and check out other videos -= a great summertime distraction.  (My kids were definitely bitter they didn't attend the event with me. LOL)

So I haven't been to Disneyland since they opened the "World of Color", but if this road show is anything like the full show, then I gotta seriously rethink our summer vacation plans.

Have you seen it yet? Would love to hear what you thought.