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Elizabeth Edwards You will be Missed.

Elizabeth edwards and xiaolinmama
I had the honor of meeting Elizabeth Edwards in 2007, as she began campaigning for her husband John.  I was undecided at that point, but was so impressed by this amazing woman that I thought if "John had just a fraction of my new BFF’s Elizabeth’s forethought, grace under fire, intelligence and sincerity, then he has my vote."

Over the years, I followed her community work. Her determination to not let cancer beat her, her ability to motivate people to action and conversely, to find peace with what life presents.  She was the kinda gal you wished was your BFF and someone you had in your corner. She inspired me to talk about my lack of health care and to get involved. Today, her death caught me off guard. She reminded me that there is still much work to be done and that every day counts. May She Rest in Peace.