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Sony Dash Giveaway


The Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer has been sitting in my kitchen for a few weeks now and I love it! My kitchen is cluttered with a ton of gadgets and appliances, so adding anything that takes up a vital power outlet has to be pretty special.  As a tech geek, I want/need access to Facebook updates, my Pandora stations, and the latest celebrity gossip. The Dash does a good job of keeping that all handy, so I am not tempted to set my laptop next to the mixer.

The Dash takes some work to get it set up. But once you go through the process of going online to set up your account, inputting your Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Pandora account information then you are golden. There are over a 1000 Dash apps you can download to make your Dash – YOUR Dash. Horoscopes, sports scores, jokes of the day – you name it there is probably an app. My kids love the gold fish bowl app. When one or both of my kids walk into the kitchen afterschool, they touch the screen to hear a fish air bubble pop. EVERY.DAY. Never gets old with them . (BTW-I am fully supportive of anything that helps me not get a REAL fish for a pet!)

I like the custom alarms you can set. While I miss having a FM receiver in the kitchen, I love that my Slacker/Pandora stations can be turned on in a matter of touches.  I also adore keeping up with the latest on celeb gossip with the People mag app and being able to see family pictures rotate with my Flickr stream app – all while cooking dinner, talk about multitasking. I also like being able to see my NetFlix que right in the kitchen, so we can settle any debates that someone’s movie is not on the list.

The speakers aren’t great, but for the kitchen or bedside alarm it does the trick and more! I think I need to buy another one for my bedroom. Makes for a great gift for folks who love gadgets and can’t seem to get enough apps to fiddle with.  

The Sony Dash retails for $199.00. 

You can have your very own DASH by entering my contest below. Just tell me where you’d put it and what type of apps you’d want to load on it. Tweet the contest and get another entry! Leave proof of tweet in the comments section below. CONTEST ENDS 12/16/10 at midnight PST.  

Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

Disclosure: The kind folks at Sony invited me to an event where we were given a Dash to review and one to give away. I was not compensated for this review and the opinions here are all mine.