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Laundry Room Love

If you have been reading @xiaolinmama for a while, you know that I have kids who play soccer, are slobs and like to roll around in grass.  You also probably know that I am horrible in the "cleaning department".  So whatever I use to clean my house or kids has to actually work, safe to use and smell good. I have been a long time fan of Method products.  Seriously, you could visit any bathroom and my kitchen and find Method products – dish soap, hand soap and counter wipes.  

A few months ago, the fine folks at Method sent me some product and asked me to invite folks to take part in a video project called "Laundry Room Love".   Have you heard about the "People Against Dirty" campaign powered by Method?   I gotta say the crowd sourced video is super cute and inventive. Check it and the Method Facebook page.  How can you not be a "Person Against Dirty"?  I am totally against any people in my house being dirty – heh! and well leaving dirt anywhere near me. (Spoken like a true mama!)  You get a $2.00 off coupon, just for checking out the video. 

Product Review: 50 loads per bottle, it says.  We put it to the test at our house immediately. First of all, each bottle takes on 50 loads! All of that in a bottle that is the size of an Arizona Ice Tea can, but prettier.  Love that! The well designed bottle freed up a ton of space in my laundry closet.  The scents are nice as well, I am partial to the French Lavendar Scent and Peony Blossom. The detergent worked great for regular loads. I needed to add some bleach for softball pants and soccer socks, but overall worked like a champ.   I plan on buying more of it.  We cracked open one bottle over a month ago and it's still going strong.  We do an average of 4-5 loads a week.  At $14.99 a bottle, seems like a great deal.  More space, good smell + actually works.  Kudos!  

Disclosure: I received free samples of Method Detergent. All opinions are unpaid and my own. So there.