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Project Healthy: QUINOA or otherwise known as KEEN-WAH

Quinoa salad


I am learning a whole bunch of new stuff on this cleanse, liek how to prnounce the word "QUINOA".  It's KEEN-WAH!    I've seen it at the grocery store, but never knew what would possess anyone to try it, especially when it is right next to the boxes of Mac and Cheese.  It's a gluten free, low carb grain, that is pretty delish! Who knew?  

A huge push is eating whole foods and whatever "CaveMen" did – that is to say, 8-10 servings of vegetables a day and less proten, nothing prepackaged or with added sugar.  But hey, you HAVE to admit that any self respecting caveman would drive thru MCDonald's after soccer practice too if they had one right on the way home, right? Sigh. 

Regardless, Day 3 and I have lost just about 4 pounds. Not bad! I am feeling pretty good and even went for a walk today. Seriously.

I made this nifty little salad with my new friend Quinoa.  I;d even eat this when I am NOT on the cleanse. Yum!  Maybe I am forming healthy habits – woot!

Turkey Quinoa salad

Cubed Diestel Turkey

Cup of cold quinoa



green onions


Mix up with dressing and put over bed of spinach.

Dressing: 3 tbls Grape seed oil, 1 tblsp lemon juice and salt/pepper to taste.