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Croatia: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I never thought that we’d go to Croatia. It was not on my lifelist and being a dumb American, I barely knew where it is on the map. I am beyond glad that we found it. This place is gorgeous. Azure blue seas, lovely beaches and plenty of history to explore with its castles, palaces and national parks.

We went on a ocean kayaking/snorkling tour  to explore the town from a different perspective (first time for Kiley).  Best idea ever.  While the water was extra choppy, we’ll have memories of the excursion for a life time.  Both kids had a blast.

The night life in Split  is very lively, we stumbled across a DJ spinning beats in the center of the Riva. Tourists and locals alike were literally dancing in the streets. Um yeah, it was a Monday night. It is a dessert kinda country (Be still my heart), with crepes, waffles, donuts and other traditional desserts to be found at every corner. We are in heaven.